10 Best Neem Oil Available in USA for Skin Nail Scalp Psoriasis

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Ayurveda acharyas recommend neem oil ( Read Ayurvedic Medicine Neem and Neem Oil for Psoriasis ) in psoriasis of skin, nail and scalp. This oil can be effectively used as external application. They also stress upon the fact that, neem is the best herb for skin and can be used internally to rejuvenate liver and purify blood.  Hence present day Ayurveda vaidyas or doctors , recommend to use neem internally and externally,  when you have skin ailments like psoriasis. Neem can be used in form of capsules for body and skin detox. ( read 5 Top Neem Capsules for Psoriasis – Buy Online India and Best Neem Leaf Capsules for Psoriasis Available in USA)

Always use cold pressed, organic and pure neem oil which is specially made for skin and hair. Here we have listed 10 best neem oil, available in USA,  for skin, nail and scalp psoriasis.

Check 5 Best Neem Oil for Skin , Nail and Scalp Psoriasis available in India

# 1 Organic Neem Oil (16 oz), USDA Certified, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Premium Quality, 100% Pure Great for Skincare and Hair Care by Mary Tylor Naturals 

This is a large 16 oz bottle which contains virgin, cold pressed 100% pure and natural neem oil, which is great for hair , scalp, nails and all skin types. Organic Neem oil is rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids and vitamin E. This is perfect nourishment for hair, skin and nails. Mary Tylor Naturals Neem oil is cold pressed. It is processed without heat to preserve all the Essential nutrients. This is USDA Certified Organic oil which is chemical free , hexane free and additives free! This can be used externally in skin, scalp and nail psoriasis.

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# 2 Harris Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed and Unrefined for Plants, Skin and Hair, 12oz Cosmetic Grade

Harris Neem Oil is 100% Cold Pressed , all natural and unrefined. It absolutely does not contain any chemicals and additives. Hence this neem oil retains its original composition

Harris neem oil is of Cosmetic Grade as it has high antioxidant compounds that help fight free radical damage to soothe and heal the skin This can be mixed with body lotions or Shampoos to reap the benefits. Antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids present in tis oil provide nourishment for hair, nails and skin. The manufacturer assures quality guarantee and also issues refund if you are not satisfied.

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# 3 Neem Oil for Skincare and Hair care  (4oz) By Aromine Essentials

This Neem oil by Aromine Essentials is 100% cold pressed, pure, unfiltered and undiluted. It is RICH in Omega 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. It has earthy scent which may be unpleasant to some people. It helps to nourish, beautify and make your skin healthy. This can be blended with body lotion, shampoo and nail treatment aids.

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# 4 Neem Oil (4oz) by Kate Blanc.

This is a USDA certified neem oil. Kate Blanc’s Organic Neem Oil is certified organic by USDA and is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, and hexane free. We aim to offer the highest quality and most authentic products. They guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a FULL REFUND within 365 days.

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#5  NOW Solutions, Neem Oil,

This is 100% Pure Neem Oil which is cold-pressed and solvent-free from wildcrafted neem seeds. It’s mild, nourishing and naturally rich in fatty acids It has similar properties to that of tea tree.: This is manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing unit. NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation). This is Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968.

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# 6 Premium Organic Neem Oil (8 Oz.)

Milania Neem Oil is guaranteed to be authentic, pure, natural, and hexane free. It is 100% Pure Neem Oil, natural, cold-pressed and non-toxic. It is also Vegan, Gluten free , No preservatives and Non GMO. According to manufacturer “ Providing with the friendliest customer service is our number one goal. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our premium Organic Neem Oil if you are not satisfied with your product.”

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# 7 Trusted Organics – Organic Neem Oil (16 fl.oz)

Trusted Organics cold-pressed virgin neem oil is certified organic by USDA and 100% pure. It is rich and antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which nourishes skin and nails. Trusted Organics cold-pressed Neem Oil is hexane-free and helps to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. You can trust this oil for a Shine, tame, and beautiful hair. This oil is extracted from sustainably harvested neem seeds. No harsh solvents are used while producing this oil. It can be added to body lotion, nail oil or shampoo to enjoy benefits of pure neem oil.

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# 8  Theraneem Neem Oil, 1 Ounce

TheraNeems Neem Oil is cold pressed, 100% pure and unrefined. It is 100% Organic Neem Seed Oil. This oil is useful to promote healthy hair, skin, & nails. It is very safe to apply directly to the skin or mix with carrier oil favourite shampoo or lotion. Manufacturer quotes “ We spare no expense in the purity of our products”. Customer who have used this oil say “ I can’t say enough about this oil. I will never be without it. “

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# 9 Woolzies Neem Azadirachta Indica Oil

Woolzies Neem Oil is a potent oil. It contains fatty acids that hydrate dry skin and anti-aging vitamin E that heals and slows signs of aging. This oil does wonders for dry hair, dandruff, head lice, and itchy scalp. Woolzies Neem Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the neem tree. Neem oil has a strong aroma, so when using topically it’s advised to dilute it in a 1:1 ratio with another carrier oil. This can also be mixed with body lotion, shampoo or nail oil.

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# 10 Blue Lily Organics Organic Neem Oil (8 oz)

This neem oil manufactured by Blue Lily Organics is 100% Pure, Premium Natural Neem Oil. It is the highest quality pure Neem Oil, Certified Organic, Unrefined, and Cold Pressed. This Organic Neem Oil is abundant in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be used for skin, hair and nails by mixing with body lotion, shampoo or carrier oil.

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Properties of Pure Neem Oil

Pure Neem Oil has a repugnant and garlicky scent. It also solidifies in cold weather and will be chunky & pastry. This is normal. It will turn into oil at room temperature.

Neem Oil’s unique underlying property is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. It is the perfect nourishment for your skin, hair, and nail. Daily usage can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and ageing.

Neem Oil helps clear blemishes and prevent future breakouts. This helps restore moisture & promote soft, supple skin. It can also help calm temporary redness and itchiness due to dryness, eczema, dandruff & more.