5 Best Neem Oil for Skin , Nail and Scalp Psoriasis

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Neem oil is highly recommended in psoriasis for external application. Ayurveda acharyas recommend to use neem internally and externally when you have skin ailments like psoriasis. Always use cold pressed, organic and pure neem oil which is specially made for skin and hair. Here we have listed 5 best neem oils for skin and scalp psoriasis. PLEASE NOTE ALL THESE OILS ARE COLD PRESSED AND FREE FROM CHEMICALS LIKE PARABEN, SULPHATES AND MINERAL OIL . Also check 10 Best Neem Oil Available in USA for Skin, Nail and  Scalp Psoriasis

A quick glance at 5 Best Neem Oils for Psoriasis

Various researches show that neem has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. These properties make this oil suitable for conditions like psoriasis. This oil helps to reduce dandruff and itching. This is specially praised as “kushtaghna” (the herb which is a solution for skin diseases) in ayurveda.

We have seen very good results in our daily practice, when this oil is used with neem capsules , neem soaps and neem creams.

How to choose best neem oil for psoriasis ?

Always use natural and pure oil. If it is cold pressed it is still good. This oil has a very strong smell. Always use with carrier oils like coconut oil, sesame oil or castor oil. Even you can add essential oils like vetiver, to overcome this.

Benefits of neem oil in psoriasis.

  1. This oil contains good amount of anti-oxidants which help to prevent aggravation of psoriasis from environmental damages.
  2. The essential fatty acids and vitamins present in this oil helps to rejuvenate skin.
  3. When this oil is applied on scalp it prevents formation of dandruff and obstructs lice growth. It is the best solution to dry scalp.
  4. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property helps to reduce inflammation and prevents infections. Neem is praised as “kandughna” , which means it relieves itching.
  5. This can be also applied on nails to prevent drying of nails in nail psoriasis.

How to Use Neem Oil on Skin in Psoriasis ?

Neem oil has very strong smell. Hence we recommend you to use it at night. Mix neem oil and Pure Cold Pressed coconut oil in 3:5 ratio. You can mix essential oils like vetiver oil or lavender oil for this oil mix to overcome strong smell. Apply and gently massage this mix at night before going to bed. You can wear thin cotton clothes.

Or else, you can massage this oil and leave it on skin for 30 minutes. Wash this off with ayurvedic soap for psoriasis.

How to Use Neem Oil in Scalp Psoriasis ?

You can mix the oils as you mix for skin (explained above). Gently Massage this on scalp with finger tips in circular motion. Leave this oil mix on scalp for 20 minutes and wash it off with ayurvedic shampoo for psoriasis.

Just warm the oil before applying.

How to Use Neem Oil in Nail Psoriasis ?

Mix neem oil, Pure Cold Pressed coconut oil , jojoba oil in 3:3:3 ratio. You can mix essential oils like vetiver oil or lavender oil for this oil mix to overcome strong smell. Apply this oil mix on nails and wear a cotton socks.

Add tea tree essential oil to this oil mix to enhance therapeutic value.

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