How to Use Castor Oil in Psoriasis ?

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Castor oil is very useful in psoriasis. A massage with warm oil helps to make skin soft, reduce itching, controls dryness, improves skin texture and helps to heal patches. It balances vata dosha.

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About Castor oil

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds. Castor plant has a botanical name Ricinus Communis. In India it is known as arandi tel. Colour of refined Castor oil is clear. But unrefined oil is dark in colour and has strong smell.

In villages of India this oil is extracted in home to use for home remedies. It is used for head massage to improve hair growth and also to induce good sleep. It is applied on and around eyes to reduce dark circles and help in growth of eye lashes.

These days this oil is in high use in cosmetic industry due to its medicinal properties. It is ingredient of some soaps, creams , oils etc which are used for dry skin.

This oil is mixed in many ayurvedic oils for psoriasis along with coconut oil , sesame oil, jojoba oil etc.

Castor oil in Ayurveda

This oil is referred as eranda taila or gandharva hastha taila in texts of Ayurveda. Acharyas recommend to use this oil externally and internally in treatments of various diseases. It is used as internal medication during ayurvedic body detoxification therapy or panchakarma therapy. Castor oil is also recommended for body massage (abhyanga) in ayurvedic purificatory therapies.

Ayurvedic properties of castor oil.

Texts of ayurveda explain benefits of castor oil as follows

How to Use Castor Oil in Psoriasis ?
Ayurveda medicinal properties of castor oil

Based on principles of Ayurveda this oil is pungent to taste (katu rasa) and also has a trace of astringent taste (Kashaya rasa). It gets sweet taste (madhura rasa) after digestion. It penetrates deep layers of tissues (teekshna guna). It increases body heat (ushna veerya). When consumed internally it spreads very quickly through out body (sara guna). It is heavy to digest (guru), increases moistness of tissues (snigdha), make them soft and smooth (mrudu).

How to Use Castor Oil in Psoriasis ?

Castor oil is very useful in psoriasis as it is very thick and makes skin soft. It traps moisture and prevents scaling. Due to its tissue penetrating properties it reaches deep layers of skin and unclogs pores to eliminate dirt and toxins. Thus it acts as a detoxifying oil too.

Castor oil for massage in psoriasis

Warm the required quantity of castor oil . Massage this on scalp and body. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off using ayurvedic soaps for psoriasis. The oil on scalp and hair can be cleaned with ayurvedic shampoos for psoriasis.

Castor oil can also be processed with herbs like shwet kutaja (wrightia tinctoria), turmeric (haldi)  , amla, psoralea (bakuchi) etc to increase healing effects of massage oil.

Mix with other oils

You can make this oil light by adding less viscous oils like coconut oil or sesame oil. This blending not only helps to reduce oil thickness, but also increases its medicinal properties.

Castor oil and essential oils for psoriasis

Essential oils like tea tree oil , lavender oil etc can be added to boost healing properties of this oil mix. Mixing other essential oils like lavender oil and peppermint oil, helps to reduce strong smell of oils and gives a cooling effect.

Castor oil cream for psoriasis

Many companies use castor oil to make ayurvedic creams for psoriasis. This oil can be mixed with melted cocoa butter or shea butter to get a creamy consistency. This cream can be used twice or thrice daily on psoriatic patches.

Medicated Eranda taila  is used for purgation (virechana) and body massage in ayurveda panchakarma treatment (detoxification therapy), for psoriatic arthritis. Through this it balances tridoshas (3 body humours) , expels ama (a body toxin described in Ayurveda) and softens joints to ease movements. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil helps to reduce pain and swelling in arthritis.

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