9 Top Coconut Oil for Psoriasis Under $ 20 USD

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Coconut oil also known as narikela taila in ayurveda is highly recommended for treatment of psoriasis. Coconut oil is used as base oil in many ayurvedic oils for psoriasis. It helps to increase softness and smoothness of skin. Massaging pure coconut oil helps to reduce scales, inflammation, irritation and itching. This can be used in scalp psoriasis too. Here we have listed 9 top pure coconut oils available in USA, which can be used for psoriasis.

Ayurveda Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Texts of ayurveda describe health benefits of pure coconut oil as follows

9 Top Coconut Oil for Psoriasis Under $ 20 USD

The oil extracted from coconut is sweet to taste. It reduces weakness of tissues and boosts their strength. It nourishes body tissues and improve their immunity. This oil balances vata dosha and pitta dosha. It is very beneficial for teeth and oral hygiene when used for oil pulling. It improves scalp health and increases hair growth.

Narikela taila or coconut oil is highly recommended for psoriasis by ayurveda doctors. This can be used as moisturiser, make up remover and to control dry fizzy hair. Dry skin, scaling, inflammation and itching which are caused due to psoriasis can be effectively controlled by this oil.

This can be used as carrier oil for essential oils like tea tree oil (to speed up healing), lavender oil (to calm mind and relieve stress) , sandalwood oil (to soothe irritated skin) etc.

Coconut oil when used in cooking helps to balance vata dosha and pitta dosha. This can be used in salad dressing, deep frying, roasting or seasoning.

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