10 Best Lavender Oil for Psoriasis Available Online in India

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Lavender  is a plant with botanical name Lavendula augustifolia . Extracted from this plant is lavender essential oil, which has numerous medicinal properties. It is the favourite essential oil of aromatherapists. This is mixed with tea tree oil, neem oil etc to address psoriasis.

According to aromatherapy this oil helps to relieve pain, reduces depression, stress and anxiety, which have a link for psoriasis aggravation.  It has a soothing, tranquilizing, calming effect on the body . When applied externally , It helps to reduce joint pain in psoriatic arthritis. This oil is used in psoriasis creams to mask unpleasant odour of neem oil.

How to Use Lavender Essential oil in Psoriasis ?

Do not apply this oil directly on skin. Always dilute it with carrier oils like sesame oil, castor oil or coconut oil.

Add 3 drops of this oil to 2 tea spoons of your psoriasis shampoo , or psoriasis oil or creams.

This can be added to bath along with bathing salts like dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt , and Epsom salt.

10 Best Lavender Oil for Psoriasis Available Online in India

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# 1 Old Tree Pure Lavender Oil, 15ml

# 2 Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil for Hair and Skin, 30ml

# 3 Aromazotika Lavender Essential Oil – 100% Pure, All Natural & Undiluted- Therapeutic Grade (Lavender, 15ml)

# 4 French Lavender Essential Oil 10ml

# 5 Anveya Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, 100% Natural & Pure, 15ml,

# 6 Precious Aromas Lavender Essential Oil, Natural and Therapeutic Grade (15 ml)

# 7 All Naturals 100% Pure Lavender (Himachal) Essential Oil for Hair, Skin, Acne, Sleep & Aroma – 15ML

# 8 Kalp® Lavender oil-100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Grade Best For Aromatherapy(30 Ml)

# 9 O4U 100% Organic,Pure & Fresh Lavender Essential oil for Skin and Hair Care – 10ml

# 10 Indus valley 100% pure and natural lavender essential oil for hair & face care (15ml)