Best Neem Leaf Capsules for Psoriasis Available in USA

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Neem Leaf Capsules help to detox liver and purify blood. According to ayurveda neem helps to balance Kapha dosha and Pitta dosha which cause psoriasis when they are imbalanced. Here are best neem leaf capsules for psoriasis available in USA

How Neem Leaf Capsules Help in Psoriasis ?

  1. Psoriasis is caused due to imbalance of kapha and vata. Neem helps to balance these two doshas.
  2. Neem helps to boost body and skin immunity which is very important in psoriasis.
  3. This herb helps to detox liver and eliminates toxins and allergens which cause flaring up of psoriasis.
  4. It reduces inflammation, prevents infections and helps skin to heal fast.
  5. Neem also helps in weight management. As there is a link between obesity and psoriasis, this herb helps to cut the cause.

How to Use Neem Leaf Capsules in Psoriasis ?

Usually neem leaf capsules are recommended in dose of 1 capsule twice daily after food. But consult a qualified ayurvedic physician before using any medicines. Use neem capsules along with neem cream for psoriasis. (find Best neem Creams available in USA).  Pure Neem Oil can be used for external application along with neem leaf capsules

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