Ayushvedham Psoraze Ayurvedic Ointment for Psoriasis (2 Tubes)

✅ Relieves itching and scaling
♻️ Hydrates and repairs the skin
🌿 100% Natural & Safe
❎ No Side Effects


Ingredients and Benefits of Psoraze Gel or Cream

Poraze ayurvedic Cream for psoriasis ( Brand Ayushvedham ) contains DINA MALLIKA (Cestrum Diurnum) as a single ingredient.

There are few skin conditions that are as troublesome as psoriasis. Managing the discomfort and itchiness is a major part of it; apart from the social isolation people who suffer from psoriasis go through.

Psoraze is an advanced herbal product that singularly works fast on Psoriasis. Created from a single flower extract, Psoraze’s ayurvedic formulation helps your skin achieve normalcy by minimizing hyperkeratinization, silvery scales, inflammatory responses, discoloration of the skin, and prevents itching and formation of scales and sores, naturally.

How to Use Psoraze gel:

Take a part of Psoraze gel in your hands and apply uniformly over affected areas of the skin. Repeat 2-3 times a day. You’ll be happy to see results within few weeks of use. It is recommended that you continue the application, until your skin totally become normal.

You can use this along with ayurvedic tablets and capsules for psoriasis. Use ayurvedic soaps for psoriasis while using this cream.


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